December 06, 2022

Response of Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson regarding enemy’s brutality in Maiwand

Response of Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson regarding enemy’s brutality in Maiwand

KANDAHAR, Feb. 02 – On Thursday night, the stooge regime troops backed by invader conducted a joint operation against innocent civilians in Band Taimore area of Maiwand district, Kandahar province, martyring dozens of civilians, leaving many others wounded as well as abducting several others.

As the enemy could not achieve any progress in the field of war with Mujahideen and is under the influence of successive blows by them, there for now takes revenge from civilians and commits such crimes.

According to the details, during the operation enemy has taken more than a dozen villagers out of their homes and martyred them severely, injuring many others and abducting many others besides destroying civilian compounds with explosives after looting precious things and other resources.

The enemy then declared the operation against Mujahideen as a blatant lie and claimed martyring more than 50 Mujahideen while all those martyred, wounded and abducted were civilians.

The Islamic Emirate condemns the fiercely violent and cruel act of enemy in the strongest terms and sees this as a shameful exploitation of massacre of the countrymen and is one of the model of many crimes of American invaders and their mercenaries.

At the same time we also call on human right organizations, media and independent observers to break silence on this human disaster and get their independent representatives to the area and raise the voices against remorse by discovering the facts.

Islamic Emirate as defense force of its people will continue to respond to this brutality and will take the best possible revenge from invaders and their stooges. Insha Allah

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yosuf Ahmadi

16/06/1439 Hijri Lunar

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