Repeat of failed militia experiments

In recent days, while the brave Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have been advancing across the country and different towns and areas are coming under their control, officials of the Kabul administration are also surrendering before the Islamic Emirate in large numbers. They are repenting from slavery and treachery after having understood the reality. On […]

In recent days, while the brave Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have been advancing across the country and different towns and areas are coming under their control, officials of the Kabul administration are also surrendering before the Islamic Emirate in large numbers. They are repenting from slavery and treachery after having understood the reality.

On the other hand, the withdrawal of the US and other foreign forces is in full swing. The United States has evacuated its largest airbase in Afghanistan, Bagram. Only a handful of troops are left. The day is now not far when this era of Western oppression will end and Afghanistan will be cleansed of all foreign forces, God willing.

Kabul administration officials, now experiencing the compassionate and merciful attitude of the Islamic Emirate, are abandoning their weapons. This is sufficient to frustrate the Kabul administration. Furthermore, they are also losing the support of their foreign masters. The cloud of despair has encircled them.

The Kabul administration has once again tried to employ propaganda to remove itself from the mire of despair. It is using the media as a tool to spread rumors that a people’s militia has been formed in one place, or another or that the people have started an armed uprising against the Taliban in such-and-such place. At the same time, it has raised a few unfortunate people, adorned them with weapons and presented them on the media and television screen. Instead of resolving issues, the Kabul administration has always played a role in doing the opposite. From disrupting the Doha Agreement to suspending intra-Afghan talks — the evidence is before the world.

In the latest case, the militia-building campaign is but a continuation of its past habits. However, as always, failure on this front will be the end result. The militia-building campaign had been run by many people in the last two decades of Afghanistan’s history under different names for their own purposes. These militias are generally created by people who volunteer to support the government for a few privileges and money and are responsible for protecting the government.

When the people of southern Afghanistan protested against some of the non-Islamic activities of Afghanistan’s ruler, Amanullah Khan, he too formed a militia. What was the militia? A bloodthirsty and murderous party that did not care about the honor and dignity of the people and did not respect their lives nor property.

After Amanullah Khan, Habibullah Kalkani also formed such a militia to save his rule. The actions of this militia had grown to such an extent that they had become an example for oppression and brutality in southern Afghanistan. Today, one hundred years are to pass but whenever an example of oppression is given, Habibullah’s militia is put forth.

In 1930, in order to strengthen his government, Nadir Khan formed a militia using the slogan of peace. Although it was labeled deceptively, whatever he did manifested itself in the north and south of Afghanistan in the form of national prejudice and a new chapter of enmity on national and linguistic bases.

Continuing this history of the militia, Nur Muhammad Tarakai, the first puppet ruler of the Soviet Union, created a more terrible history. He was in constant danger because he was hated by the people. His solution to this was of providing arms and government support to different ethnic groups in many cities whom would serve as defensive fort for the puppet government on the one hand and a force that destroys the country on the other. Their aim was to use the Wardak people against the Hazaras and vice versa. For the interests of foreigners, they continued to push their country towards destruction using militias.

When the Soviet Union was defeated in 1989 and Dr. Najibullah came to power, he began to see his administration faltering which led him to repeat this heinous crime, raising Rashid Dostum from the north. He then carried out all kinds of atrocities at the behest of the government in non-government areas and went to extreme levels of barbarity and brutality.

Meanwhile, in the south, Ismatullah was given free rein. My father is an eye witness that when Ismatullah was staying in Kandahar with his thugs, he owned the whole city. Such was the situation that people started considering burying their young daughters and beardless boys alive. My father said that if a woman was sick at home, it was better to see her die of pain at home instead of going to a hospital in the city. This was Ismatullah only, otherwise there were tens of people like him wandering around in Kandahar alone by making a militia for whom Najibullah wanted to save his administration. These people had made life unlivable for Afghan civilians. It was because of their evil deeds that Ameer ul Mu’mineen Mullah Muhammad Omar Mujahid had risen and raised the flag of Jihad for the sake of Allah.

After American aggression, when the Kabul administration and the United States itself could not compete with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, they once again tried this old tactic. They formed a militia in 2011 and 2012 which became known as “Arbaki” among the people. Since they have entered into existence before my very eyes, their every deed is before me. They were called the protector of the nation, but one of their lowly deeds was that if they saw any stranger standing in the town, they would arrest him under different reasons, give him the harshest of punishments and kill him. They were not content with this alone. They would then place his corpse in front of the bloodthirsty dogs, or they would do something else of this nature. These thugs would go to the homes of people and would demand lavish foods. If anyone expressed his helplessness, his life would be in danger at that very moment.

In 2017, when a series of conquests began in Helmand Province and the Islamic Emirate continued to advance day by day, the Kabul administration handed over control of Helmand to Abdul Jabbar Qahraman, a Russian-era murderer. He was tasked with halting the Taliban advance. Instead of fighting face to face, Abdul Jabbar Qahrman wanted to try the same militia formation and gathered thieves, robbers and looters from all over Helmand. They were given arms and free reign to do as they pleased without any restrictions placed in their path. What did this militia then do in Helmand? This can be gauged from that incident alone when the people of Lashkar Gah and its surroundings chose some representatives to be sent to the Kabul administration’s governor of Helmand so that they could complain about the deeds of this murderous militia. When these people went to the governor and told him the story of atrocities which the pen is not able to write, the governor acknowledged that he has no authority concerning the militia, that it receives orders directly from Kabul to do as they themselves please.

In recent days, as the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate have been steadily gaining ground across the country and further successes await them, the Kabul administration has again given rise to such rumors. But just as happened in the past, this plot will fail too because the people who have been given the reins of the militia are all the same people who have not been able to show their face to the nation for the past twenty years due to their evil deeds. One of them is Ata Muhammad Noor who has has been a continuous participant in the murder and suffering of the Afghan nation. Therefore, how will he obtain the people’s sympathy?

On the other hand, the Islamic Emirate was founded from the very beginning with the nation’s sympathy with liberation from these murderous militias as a core objective. The people remain behind the Islamic Emirate and have pledged their full support. Therefore, all such weak tactics will fail miserably and this is being witnessed by the world.

The center of gravity of the Kabul administration’s pretense of militia formation is the north. But it is by the Glory of God that the whole north came under control of the Islamic Emirate, even a province like Badakhshan which was not under the Islamic Emirate during its complete reign.

Another point to consider here is that when the force which the Kabul administration has trained for years and equipped with all kinds of weaponry is constantly surrendering, how can the thugs who engage in mere looting endure the attack of a soldier from the Islamic Emirate?

However, since the Kabul administration is breathing its last, it is losing its senses instead of acting with intelligence and wisdom. The puppet administration is taking every step that is detrimental to its own existence on its own.