September 29, 2022

Repair and paving of 60 km road starts in Panjshir

Repair and paving of 60 km road starts in Panjshir

PANJSHER, Sep. 08 – Ministry of Public Works has started repair and paving work of 60 kilometers of road in Parian District of Panjshir Province with estimated coast of over 4 million AFN.

Honorable Mawlawi Abdul Halim Agh, Chief of Public Works of this province, Honorable Deputy Governor Mullah Shah Malang Ruhollah, Honorable Qari Sher Khan Haqmal, Governor of Peryan District and Honorable Mawlawi Hamidullah Misbah, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Works attended the opening ceremony.

The head of Panjshir Public Works gave information about the project and prvided details of the repair work of this road, which includes bridges and roads, starts from Dalan Singh area of ​​Shatal district and reaches to Parian district and Its length is 60 km.

Also, the deputy governor of Panjshir province expresses about the importence of the said project and assured that the officials of this province are ready to cooperate with all agencies in the implementation of all projects.

The residents of Panjshir Province expressed their satisfaction over the services and actions of the Ministry of Public Works and requested speedy implementation.

With the repair of the said road, the transportation problems of the residents of Parian District will be solved compared to before and a number of the area and The residents will also be provided with work.

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