September 28, 2022

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding United Nations special report

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding United Nations special report

The report of United Nations representative Richard Bennett on human rights is biased and far from reality.
In his report, he ignored hundreds of developments in Afghanistan over the past year and pointed to some specific cases with wrong intentions and incorrect information.


Today, there is no threat to women’s lives in Afghanistan, neither Afghan women are killed in wars or raids, nor loses their relatives. Now no one can disrespect the honor of Afghan women.


The children of no Afghan women are innocently in prisons, 181 public and private universities in the country are open to women and men, and the education process has been extended to the remaining 70 percent of the country.


Thousands of women are working in education, higher education, public health, ID cards and passports department, airports, police, media, banks and other fields. A number of women who cannot attend their jobs due to the unfavorable working environment, regularly receive their salaries at home.

Hundreds of poor women and men who were engaged in begging have been collected from the streets and appropriate wages have been assigned to them, and Afghans, in general, have got rid of wars, insecurity, murders, and hundreds of troubles.


Despite unfair sanctions, frozen assets, and banking problems, all the ministries and agencies are working very seriously for economic prosperity.

All the rights of the minorities are protected, and none of them have been killed, arrested, prevented from worshiping, or charged. On the contrary, hundreds of attacks targeting worship places of minorities have been prevented. In some exceptional cases of attacks, the perpetrators have been discovered and penalized with severe punishments.


Public amnesty has been granted to thousands of individuals and persons who, in support of foreign invaders, continuously raised guns against their countrymen for 20 years and mercilessly killed Afghans.


But unfortunately, in this biased report of the United Nations, none of these positive developments have been mentioned and appreciated.

This inclined judgment illustrates, how clearly this big international organization is being misused and wrong information is being published from it.

We condemn and call it regrettable that irresponsible and controversial statements are being published from the United Nations and a hostile position is being taken against the Islamic Emirate.

The United Nations should respect the principles, opinions, and beliefs of people from all over the world and not take a position identical to the attitude of certain countries.

Continuation of such actions will further question the international status of this great organization and it will clarify that this organization is looking and propagating at international issues only through the lenses of certain countries.

Zabaihullah Mujahid 

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

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