February 07, 2023

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding irresponsible comments by Kabul administration deputies

Remarks by spokesman of Islamic Emirate regarding irresponsible comments by Kabul administration deputies

The two deputies of the Kabul administration have been appearing in media for the past few days as a part of a peculiar anti-peace plan, launching false propaganda against the Islamic Emirate and showcasing their enmity towards a future Islamic government.

Our stance towards their nonsense drivel is as follows:

– Islamic system has its own definition and structure, which unfortunately, both of the Kabul administration deputies and other workers are unable to understand and recognize due to their lack of command of Islamic studies and history.

– Implementation of Islamic law during the complete rule of the Islamic Emirate was a religiously binding obligation. Jurisprudence rulings are considered law in Islam that shall naturally be implemented in society – breaking laws is labeled a crime and criminals handed sentences, a norm throughout the world.

Making baseless accusations in this regard or calling implementation of such laws un-Islamic itself speaks volumes about the ignorance of the speaker and his incognizant of Islam.

– We only need to glance a bit earlier prior to the rise of Islamic Emirate to recognize that turning Kabul into rubble in factional wars for power and killing sixty-thousand Kabulis was no admirable feat.

– Can hammering nails into human skulls, dance of the dead, and violating the property, honor and dignity of people at arbitrary check points be something to be proud of?

– Was jumping off fourth floor of buildings by chaste women to protect their dignity in Makroyan along with the innumerable crimes committed in Kabul and provinces by corrupt armed gangs an act of valor?

– Or was accepting American servitude in exchange of dollar briefcases, supporting them in the occupation of one’s own homeland and spying for them for two decades an achievement?

– What are the deputies of Kabul administration so proud of in this supposed democracy, imposed under the shadow of occupation, which has given our country nothing except slavery, bribery, expropriation, bigotry, power to the incompetent corrupt, proliferation of war crimes, imposition of a vicious cycle of immorality, corruption and injustice on society, enabling the growth and trade of narcotics and birthing millions of drug addicts, broad daylight theft in cities, kidnappings and murder of citizens for money, telephones, cars and motorbikes, endemic poverty despite billions of dollars of international aid on top of the thousands of other evils?

These notorious faces have been the enemies of peace and establishment of an Islamic system in our country from the very first day, hence they readily assumed servitude for the past two decades. That is why the proud and valiant Afghan people must remain heedful and vigilant. All Afghans shall be brothers in an Islamic system, a system that shall be at their service where everyone shall be afforded their God-given Islamic rights and none shall be wronged.

Our freedom, sovereignty, honor and pride shall be secured, no one will be affiliated with any foreign power and all shall have a free and self-sustaining homeland, Allah willing.

Any person harboring enmity towards this just legal right of the Afghans will attain nothing other than to expose and further humiliate themselves, Allah willing and nothing is hard for Allah Almighty.


Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

05/02/1442 Hijri Lunar

01/07/1399 Hijri Solar                   22/09/2020 Gregorian

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