November 28, 2022

Remarks by Spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning possible execution of Mujahideen

Remarks by Spokesman of Islamic Emirate concerning possible execution of Mujahideen

According to information, the Kabul regime officials have taken out a number of Mujahideen inmates from their rooms in Puli Charkhi prison and it is said that they intend to execute them.

Since their war strategy has failed to yield any results, they have now ordered their stooges to commit acts which shall work as a driver to intensify the war in our country.

We once again warn concerning our prisoners that any violation against them shall have extreme repercussions and the responsibility shall fall squarely on the shoulders of security and justice departments of the Kabul regime.

Because we understand that such actions do not hold any judicial or legal bases and neither are the judicial and justice organs of the regime legally competent.

Everything that happens against the prisoners is done with the consent of the military, intelligence and judicial departments of the regime and the target of our similar reactions shall also be these organs.

The Islamic Emirate warns the Kabul regime that if you try to martyr our Mujahideen than we shall avenge the martyrdoms of our oppressed prisoners in an even better fashion.

In this series if our judicial bodies prescribe any punishment for the internal and foreign enemy inmates in our prisons and if they are excluded from the pardon of leader then this responsibility shall also befall the opposition.

The Islamic Emirate also alerts international humanitarian community, bodies and NGOs to prevent harm to political and war prisoners by the nervous American and Kabul regime officials and stop the execution of oppressed prisoners who have nothing to do with the recent events.

Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

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