February 07, 2023

Rehabiltation work of Wardag- Ghazni highway inaugurated

Rehabiltation work of Wardag- Ghazni highway inaugurated

AFGHANISTAN, Sep. 17 – Ministry of public works has started Wardag – Ghazni Road repair and restoration work in the presence of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Welfare and Development, Mawlawi Hamidullah Misbah, technical staff of the Ministry, and tribal eldors of the province. In the ceremony organized by the Ministry of public works affairs, the ministry gave detailed information about the restoration project.

According to details of the project the road to be repaired is 80km long, 8m wide having 3m shoulders, starts from Durani Bazar and reaches the center of Ghazni Province.

This project also includes repair of 5 bridgs, construction of 68 new bridges and 99 culverts  186 subways and 200 subways will be constructed.

This road repair project worth five (5) million US dollars has been contracted with Basir Ahmadzai Construction and Road Construction Company and will be completed in the next 9 months.

Deputy Director General of the Technical Ministry also said: “With almighty Allah’s help, the victory of Afghanistan has become a part of the people, and now the time has come for the country’s reconstruction and progress to be done together” He said: “Together, the ministry is trying to repair Kabul-Herat highway, and the first part of Kandahar-Zabul highway has been started, and the second part of the Wardak-Ghazni road has been started.

It is worth noting that the Kabul-Herat highway, which is about 900 kilometers long, was destroyed by heavy weight vehicles in the past four years.

These project will provide tremendous job opportunities and the transportation problems of the people will be solved.


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