January 30, 2023

Regime and Civil War Hysteria

Regime and Civil War Hysteria

by Muhammad Jalal

When the civil war broke out in Afghanistan and the former factions started fighting one another, Afghanistan was thrown into the abyss of darkness and lawlessness. A bloody civil war broke out after the Afghans had achieved a historical victory over the Soviet invaders. The rise of the Taliban movement and establishment of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ended the factional civil war as warmongers, warlords, criminals and bandits were eliminated or disbanded, thus establishing exemplary peace throughout Afghanistan for which every Afghan had sacrificed and yearned for so long.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan signed a momentous agreement with the United States on 29th of February this year and commenced Intra-Afghan dialogue, advancing its mission of ending the 19-year suffering of Afghans at the hands of foreign invaders and their stooges. As peace talks forge ahead and the stooge regime ultimately foresees its demise in its successful outcome, they have therefore decided to create hysteria of civil war to spread confusion and instill fear into the hearts and minds of the common people.

The failure of the regime leadership to achieve its evil goals has led them to their frustration and are now talking about a ‘civil war’. The corrupt stooges and so called technocratic elites of Kabul administration should understand that Afghanistan is no longer in the era of the late 90’s — the people have firmly stood by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, a fact exhibited by the control and influence of Mujahideen in each and every province and district of Afghanistan. It is not an exaggeration to say the forces of Islamic Emirate control up to 70 percent territory and the regime confined in the Kabul bubble has failed miserably on all fronts.

The regime officials are talking up civil war at a time when they have used every weapon in their arsenal to harm and derail the peace process. The corrupt elitists of Kabul administration are spreading fear that the fate of so-called democratic system imported by their invading masters is inextricably tied with a civil war. And this rhetoric is propagated with the understanding that if the peace process is to prove successful in any shape, way or form, they will inevitably lose all riches and privileges they gained at the expense of the blood of innocent Afghans. They are fully aware that war is their only tool of survival, hence the process of arming militias in different parts of the country, an anti-peace move aimed at pouring further fuel on the fire.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has proven its intentions for peace by dispatching a powerful negotiation team and through constructive diplomatic engagement to further clarify the need for a peaceful solution to the current conflict imposed on the Afghans. But the dual-national effeminate callants beating the drums of a ‘civil war’ while hiding behind blast walls must understand that the Islamic Emirate came into being because of the anarchy created by soviet leftovers and is proficiently experienced in dealing with all kinds of domestic strife, so tread carefully!

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