September 29, 2022

Pur Chaman district falls to Mujahideen

Pur Chaman district falls to Mujahideen

FARAH, Jun. 03 – Amid ongoing full swing of Al Khandaq spring offensive, Mujahideen have got control over Pur Chaman district of Farah province earlier today.

Details say, the district fell to Mujahideen after the district head – Haji Dawod – police chief – Abdul Wali –, NDS district distractor – Abdul Zahir – and all the personnel surrendered to Mujahideen.

Officials say, several Humvee tanks, ranger pickups and a large amount of heavy, light arms and other military equipment have been seized by Mujahideen.

It is mentionable that, this is 11th district that has been fallen to Mujahideen from the start of Al Khandaq spring offensive.

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