October 07, 2022

Press release about Air Pollution in Kabul

Press release about Air Pollution in Kabul

The National Environmental Protection Agency has resumed its operations after months of delays due to recent developments. The IEA leadership introduced a new acting director general to the agency. From now on, the work of the National Environmental Protection Agency will continue as before in accordance with the policy of Islamic Emirate.

As can be seen, air pollution is at an all time high during the winter season and has a direct impact on the health of all citizens and preventing it is our common responsibility.

The National Environmental Protection Agency  urges the owners of all government agencies and ministries, private sector facilities, high-rise buildings, homes and other polluted resources to take necessary measures to reduce and prevent air pollution.

Following the publication of this announcement, the agency’s monitoring and inspection officials, together with the Kabul Municipality and relevant agencies, will monitor the sources of air pollution, and violators will be dealt legally.

Finally, we call on all esteemed citizens, scholars, officials, industrialists, owners of pollution sources and the media to cooperate with us in countering this threat and fulfill their faithful duty and responsibility.

National Environmental Protection Agency

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