November 28, 2022

Power Losses Reduce by 50% in Nimroz

Power Losses Reduce by 50% in Nimroz

NIMROZ, Nov. 15 – t The level of power loss has decreased by fifty percent compared to the previous year as a result of the illegal electricity prevention operation by the technical staff of Nimroz Power Plant, which has significantly affected the revenue, said Da Afghanistan Breshna Sharkat – DABS – officials.

This great success in Nimroz has been achieved as a result of the timely resolution of technical problems of the network and continuous monitoring, in addition to the cutting of illegal connections.

According to the leadership of DABS, the Afghanistan Electricity Company, technical teams are conducting research operations for reducing the level of electricity waste across the country.

The Afghanistan Electricity Company always calls on the citizens that illegal electricity works are theft from the treasury and they should always help prevention of it.

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