September 30, 2022

Poisonous gas used against detainees

Poisonous gas used against detainees

 PAKTIKA, Aug. 7 – The defenseless inmates were brutally beaten and tortured by prison guards and then the poisonous gas was sprayed on them in the center jail in the provincial capital of Paktika province the other night in which many inmates were fainted and 5 of them were severely injured.

This act of unforgivable brutality comes as all the countrymen unanimously demand the release of the prisoners so as to stabilize peace across the country, whereas the Kabul regime’s rulers are attempting to hinder progress towards the peace process one way or another.

On Wednesday, the Arbaki opened fire on the defenseless civilians in Argu district of northern Badakhshan province in which one civilian was martyred and 2 more were wounded.


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