October 04, 2022

Palestine: The bleeding wound of the Ummah

Palestine: The bleeding wound of the Ummah

Our Holy Prophet Peace be upon him said as narrated in Muslim and Bukhari:

Believers in their mutual love, compassion and mercy are like one body; when any limb aches, the whole body reacts with sleeplessness and fever) [Bukhari]

It is for this reason that today the troubles of a Muslims living in Palestine are the troubles of everyone who calls himself a believer.

The conflict of Palestine which began in the twentieth century continues at a time when the filthy Zionists are getting the support of the tyrannical forces like America to continue their occupation of the Muslim lands in Palestine, a land holding the third most holiest site of Islam and the former Qibla of Muslims – Baital Maqdis. The Zionist terrorists are supported by the tyrants of this age (America) who continue to work for destabilizing the middle eastern Muslim countries and or the past 53 years, the Muslims of Palestine have suffered and are struggling for their freedom against this Zio-Crusader oppression.

The whole world is witness to the crimes and terrorism of the Zionists in Palestine who have ethnically cleansed and committed genocide against the Palestinian Muslims to usurp their homeland. They have taken the lands and destroyed the homes and mosques of the local Palestinians and have been killing them systematically in their own land. From adults to young children, no one has been spared and thousands of others are languishing in the concentration camps.

The Trump administration has once again spared no effort to show its enmity towards Muslims by announcing a ‘Deal of the Century’. The radical Zio-Crusader leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump should know that Palestine is not forgotten by the rest of the Ummah. The Muslims of Palestine are part of the Ummah and the Palestinian cause beats in the heart of every Muslim. The ridiculous deal announced by Trump with the Zionists is the defining feature of the occupation and terrorism of the Israelis with the backing of the Americans. The crimes of the Israeli establishment not only amount to war crimes under international law but are in violation of all the fundamental rights and principles of all the international laws.

Therefore all Muslim states in the world must raise there voices against this new Israel-American aggression at every platform because this transgression will further destabilize the entire middle east and pour fuel on the already raging fire. This must also serve as a wakeup call for every concerned Muslim who must strongly condemn such terrorism and show true solidarity with the Palestinian cause by targeting American interests through boycotts, protests and other means.

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