October 07, 2022

Pakistan sends humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Pakistan sends humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

 NANGARHAR, Oct . 22 – Pakistan humanitarian aid reached the country through Torkham, a Pakistani town located near the Afghanistan border.

The consignment of humanitarian aid that comprised 148 tons of rice, arriving via the 4 trailers was handed over to Sardar Shirzad, the Ministry of Refugees’ Deputy Minister for Internally Displaced People (IDPs)

He thanked the government of Pakistan and assured that the aid would be distributed transparently to the internally displaced families.

Ikramuddin Maftoon, director of refugee affairs in Nangarhar, called on the Pakistani government to cooperate in trade, transportation and other areas.

Ashrafuddin, head of Pakistan’s aid management committee, said the aid included 148 tons of rice and promised more aid.

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