February 06, 2023

Over 9 killed, 7 hurt in southeast

Over 9 killed, 7 hurt in southeast

  PAKTIKA, Sep. 15 – A series of Mujahideen have killed at least 9 enemy military personnel and left 7 more wounded in southeastern Paktika province.

In one attack, 3 policemen were killed and 2 more suffered wounds following the Mujahideen raid on a check post in Sarhowza district of Paktika province.

In a similar attack in Sharanah city, the provincial capital of Paktika province, Mujahideen targeted a military post and fought off the reinforcements called in to repel Mujahideen operation in which 4 policemen were killed and 5 more were wounded with a tank destroyed.

Furthermore, several enemy personnel sustained casualties and a military vehicle was eliminated in an attack by Mujahideen in Sharanah city.

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