September 30, 2022

Over 7 puppets killed in clashes; 7 join Mujahideen

Over 7 puppets killed in clashes; 7 join Mujahideen

 NANGARHAR, May 23 – At least 4 enemy soldiers were killed when a roadside bomb blast blew a police vehicle apart in Surkh Rowd district of Nangarhar province on Tuesday, whereas 2 puppets had been killed in a similar attack about 10 minutes before the second blast.

Early Wednesday, an enemy soldier was wounded in a bomb attack in the aforesaid district.

In another attack, Mujahideen targeted a post belonging to militia in Khogyani district of this province last night. There are, however, no casualty details.

In a report from neighboring province of Laghman, a puppet was killed and another one wounded when Mujahideen attacked a check post in Alishang district of the province.

Separately, 7 enemy soldiers surrendered to Mujahideen with their weapons in Khogyani, Ghani Khel, Spin Ghar and Hisarak district of the province.

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