October 05, 2022

Over 7 puppets killed, 4 injured in Logar attacks

Over 7 puppets killed, 4 injured in Logar attacks

LOGAR, June 22 – Late Thursday Mujahideen targeted the headquarters of the district of Azrah in Logar province, damaging the district building and causing the enemy casualties.

Early Friday, Basheer, a notoriously evil Arbaki commander with a reputation for brutality got killed along four of his gunmen in a targeted attack by Mujahideen in Mohammad Agha district of Logar province.

Elsewhere in the aforesaid distict, 3 Arbakis were killed and 4 more were wounded during a clash after the enemy fell into Mujahideen ambush on Thursday. 1 heavy machine gun, 1 RPG rocket and ammo got seized from the enemy.

In another report from Logar, Mujahideen raided an enemy post in Baraki Barak district of Logar province last night, leaving a dozen of the enemy soldiers dead and wounded, while a tank part of the convoy carrying supplies to the enemy was destroyed after coming under rocket fire.

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