October 05, 2022

Over 1700 addicts are being treated in Helmand Central Prison

Over 1700 addicts are being treated in Helmand Central Prison

HELMAND, Mar. 18 –  As many as 1700 drug  addicts were arrested in the center and others districts of Helmand and are being treated in the central prison.

The arrested addicts say that if they released this time, they will take care of their lives and family.

Out of 1700 addicts that are undergoing treatment, 989 have been rehabilitated.

Since the advent of the Islamic Emirate, 2738 addicts have been arrested and treated.

Moallim Abdul Shakoor, a spokesman for the Helmand Central Prison, said: “Some of these  have consulted themselves and others have been arrested by the Islamic Emirate’s forces.”

According to the prison authorities, in addition to treatment, the central prison also provides mental and sports activities to the addicts.

It is worth mentioning that there is a 100-bed hospital for the treatment of drug addicts in Helmand.

The head of the hospital said: “We have 130,000 registered drug addicts in Helmand, including 2700 women and 15000 children under the age of 18.

At present, a total of 3693 people have been treated in this hospital and 454 of them have been re-infected.

Addicts insist that drug stalls must be completely dismantled so that they do not fall victim to this evil again, but Helmand security officials say that all drug stalls will be destroyed and the perpetrators have been arrested.

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