December 03, 2022

Over 14000 Beggars Rounded up From Kabul

Over 14000 Beggars Rounded up From Kabul

KABUL, Oct. 30 – The Beggar Collecting Committee has rounded up about 14393 beggars from different parts of Kabul city, so far.

Among the beggars, 9154 are women of whom only 3386 have been assessed to be deserving while the remaining 5768 are professional beggars.

Moreover, there are 1328 men beggars. After a meticulous assessment, only 480 have been deemed deserving, while the rest 848 have been identified as professional beggars.

Among the 14393 beggars, there are 3911 children of whom 1752 are needy, while 2103 are professional beggars. As well as, other 56 unaccompanied minors are taken into the care and training centers by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs after the registration of their biometric data. They are provided with food and education facilities there.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is providing needy beggars with continuous cash assistance.


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