February 07, 2023

Over 10 killed as post overrun in Zabul

Over 10 killed as post overrun in Zabul

ZABUL, Mar. 27 – Amid ongoing ‘Operation Mansouri’, Mujahideen carried out coordinated attacks on a hireling base in Bagh area and check posts in Dado and Shahwali areas of Arghandab district late last night.

Attacks of heavy and light arms in Dado check post, resulting in 5 puppets killed before forcing the rest to flee.

Similarly, 5 puppets were killed in Shahwali check post while destroyed an APC and seizing 5 rifles, 1 PKM machine gun, 2 RPG launchers and other toll.

It is said that 2 Mujahideen were wounded and another one has embraced martyrdom in the operation.

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