October 07, 2022

Our Request from Honorable Religious Scholars of the Islamic Ummah

Our Request from Honorable Religious Scholars of the Islamic Ummah

The so-called Peace Council in Kabul has announced that efforts are underway on their part to hold religious scholars conference from the Islamic countries. They say the conference will play an effective role in establishing peace and stability in Afghanistan and in persuading the armed opposition to desist from fighting.

In fact these devious efforts emanate from a plan engineered by General Petraeus who was Chief Commander of American and NATO forces in Afghanistan in 2010-2011. He believed if different strata of society launch propaganda and convince armed militants to perceive that the current war was not jihad but rather power struggling, it will help end the present resistance. To achieve this he set up radio stations inside American bases in Afghanistan and would handout radio sets to villagers free of cost.  Then around the clock, they would launch propaganda through the radio stations, maligning the current jihad and Mujahedeen as well as   issuing religious rulings in this regard. However, praise be to Allah, his efforts failed utterly with the passage of time.

Now as the invading countries in Afghanistan and their internal surrogates have lost control of many areas and are facing sagging morale at the battlefield, they want to use the stratum of the religious scholars for the wicked objective of colonialism whereas the religious scholars have unremittingly raised their voice in support of truth, sacrificing their very lives in this path. But the invaders and their internal supporters have forgotten that Afghanistan is an occupied country. The land and air, military and political affairs all are controlled by the invaders.  Hence 1500 religious scholars have issued their ruling about (the legitimacy of) Jihad against the current occupation.

The honorable religious scholars of the Islamic Ummah are surely aware of the present situation in Afghanistan.  Otherwise they are urged to understand the present situation of the country where the invading forces carry out blind bombardments against the Afghan Muslim people and launch night raids. As a result, tens of men, woman and children lose their lives but none can ask them (why?).   They have filled prisons of the country with the public, reaching 35000 prisoners right now. 12000 of them have been detained under the name of being Taliban or having links with them or being their relatives. Among them are 90 years’ old elderly. They anguish behind the bars for years without knowing their fate because they are not able to grease the palm of the judges. Moreover efforts are under way on their part to wipe out the Islamic culture of our homeland.  Contrarily conducive environ for depravity has been provided.  Ministers and governors (of the Administration) hold nationalities of foreign countries and are nominated by recommendations from the invading countries. This is the actual (current) situation of Afghanistan.

The Afghans have arisen for obtainment of independence of their country and in defense of their Islamic faith, offering sacrifices in this path. Therefore we urge the religious scholars of the Islamic Ummah with due respect that the situation of Afghanistan is a complex one. Here intelligence agencies of the invading countries continuously concoct intelligence plans. We hope the honorable religious scholars understand the realities of Afghanistan so that they may not unknowingly become part of the American and their internal supporters’ conspiracies or become eligible for this Divine warning.

“And incline not toward the wrongdoers, lest you get touched by the fire. You have no protectors besides Allah, nor you would then be helped” 11: 113

This  is to be said that the Islamic  Emirate has left open the option of ending the occupation and obtaining independence through peaceful means but it is the invading countries (and their internal supporters)  who want to distract the attention of the public of the world and of the countrymen by devising spurious  plans.

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