December 08, 2022

Open enmity towards religion and piety

Open enmity towards religion and piety

The war against our religious values and customs in Afghanistan began with the arrival of the invaders and their supporters and in parallel with efforts to impose non-Islamic culture, values and moralities upon our people.

A key driver for promoting and propagating ideals and beliefs is the field of education. Anti-religious ideas have been spread in most foreign countries through educational books and the minds of innocent children infected with such viruses.

But since the religious awareness of our people is sharp and their Islamic fervor alive, a gradual method was chosen towards perverting their curriculum. Anti-religious elements initially threw away all references to jihad, shariah, islamic governance, hudood and other such topics and replaced them with irreligious alien terms.

From the day the current head of Arg Ashraf Ghani raised with a secular worldview came to power, he began working towards expanding and promoting anti-religious culture in every aspect of life. Just as he is the lead cultivator of inter-mixing, indecency, corruption and other immoral actions, he also made it his target to separate the younger generation from their Islamic traditions.

Under his rule a studies and research center – instead of investigating and focusing on important issues affecting Afghanistan – has made it a mission to go after religious subjects and terms found in school curriculums in an effort to remove them from books under the guise of stopping the spread of radicalism.

Last year, this center supported by key regime officials made the subject of Islamic Culture in higher education curricula a target of their bigoted propaganda and this year, designated terms such as faith, Islam, Allah, Quran, praise, glorification, invocation, Islamic beliefs and ethical values mentioned in school curriculum as contributing factors of radicalism and extremism.

We understand that such insolence against principles of Islam can only happen with the support of irreligious officials in power because under no circumstance can such an insignificant center ever conjure the courage to attack religious values in the land of Islam and Muslims so audaciously.

In our view highlighting religious subjects in school curriculums and then making various accusations and false statements about them is only a small part of the larger assault that has taken place in various forms under the occupation. Our believing nation, noble scholars, spiritual leaders and academics must not remain silent in the face of such plots but must oppose them with any means necessary.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemns this satanic conspiracy against religious subjects in the strongest words and considers it a blatant violation and disrespect towards our people. At the same time, we remind those behind these plots that such efforts were also undertaken here previously but Allah Almighty doomed them to failure. History has shown that the enemies of religion only dug graves for their own selves and their political existence with such unwarranted actions and all their efforts were crushed by the Mujahid response of the believing nation.

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