December 10, 2022

Occupation is the Mother of all Calamaties

Occupation is the Mother of all Calamaties

Today under the umbrella of democracy, whatever crimes are committed, its roots will undoubtedly be traced back to the occupation of our country. Every calamity which has befallen us is due to occupation and every mental and spiritual illness that is present in our society, the reason is the occupation.

The 21st century is the era of political maturity, science, technology, innovations, discoveries, and other great evolutions but in addition, it is also considered as full of calamities, corruption and misery for the Muslim Ummah and humanity as a whole. The Muslim Ummah from the start of the century to its end has suffered losses both physically and spiritually. The Muslim Ummah has seen these downfalls before but has endured them and has not faced any considerable damage in the past. However in the more recent past, the Muslim Ummah has face unprecedented oppression. The reason for the Ummah’s oppression and subjugation is because it has disconnected from the meaning of spirituality and distanced itself from it. The love and affection of the Ummah has faded away from religion and has moved towards worldly things and in the process, lost the essence of its mission.

The religion of Islam came to this world so that the systems of ignorance is eradicated. The old rotten laws are scrapped and the Holy law of Allah is established to free the human beings from the worship of other human beings, to mark an end to the idol worshiping, oppression and all other evils. The religion of Islam came to remove the corrupt rulers and non-believers and free the people from their oppression. The religion of Islam came to ensure that there be no racism and bigotry and that all Muslims are equal before Allah without any difference of color, race or cast. Islam came so that the superiority of the divine law of Allah be understood by the people and all evil satanic man-made laws be replaced by the supreme Holy law of Allah the Almighty.

The Muslim Ummah generally and every individual specifically should ready themselves for a struggle in which they can free the world from darkness and remove the darkness of disbelief and ignorance from this world. The Ummah should bring the society in which we live today under a single flag of Tawheed and oneness of Allah the Almighty. It is an obligation upon the Muslim Ummah to resist, fight and remove all evil which stands in the way of implementation of the system of Islamic governance.

The Americans invaded Afghanistan and this was an all-out invasion in every part of our lives. Everywhere in the Afghan society it was due to this that the common people were deceived and the terminology of terror was wrongfully injected in our society. Today every non believer and democrat calls Jihad terrorism. As Afghanistan is considered a third world country, one can say that the common people are politically immature. Here unfortunately many consider themselves as good Muslims but due to their ignorance, they are actually cutting the roots of Islam. Here everyone has given Jihad its own meaning. Some people call mere killing, invading, looting and destroying Jihad, like the situation that prevailed following the fall of the communist regime of Najeebullah. At that time the forces of evil, mischief and corruption caused huge damage and brought about long term suffering by casting their rule over on the common people for a protracted period. When those warlord and criminals committed sins and mistakes, they cleansed their hands by calling themselves Mujahidin hence the meaning of Jihad was distorted. It is only the actions of few on which the people are making their judgments. In order to understand the real meaning, we should first understand that what Jihad is, what are its aims, what are its limits and what are its laws?

Islamic Jihad is the Jihad which is bound by the rules of Allah the Almighty. This term is dependent on the teachings of Islam. Some people are of the misconception that Jihad is to enforce your will and ideas on others through the use of sword/weapons. The true meaning of Islamic Jihad has a broad concept. Every work and action that is done solely for the sake of Allah with pure intentions for the betterment of people and society under the Holy teachings of Islam are “in the cause of Allah”, or more befittingly, “for the sake of Allah”. This is called fi sabilillah or in the way of Allah. For example, if we are giving charity so that people can respect us and consider us pious then this is not in the way of Allah or fi sabilillah. However if the aim of this same action of charity is to help the needy and poor then this is considered in the way of Allah or fi sabilillah.

In the Holy Quran it is clearly explained by Allah the Almighty that a true Muslim fights in the way of Allah and a disbeliever fights in the way evil and Satan.

The final victory is only for those who fear Allah the Almighty and it is explained in many sayings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The people of Afghanistan can only end the occupation – which has brought misery and mischief to this land – through Jihad. The American invaders should understand that the Muslim Ummah is now fully aware and the people of Afghanistan will fight them until they completely withdraw their forces. The American invaders have only brought mischief, corruption, false ideology and misconceptions to Afghanistan. The invaders are aliens and no matter what they do, they will eventually fail in Afghanistan and the word of Allah Almighty will be again reign supreme.

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