February 06, 2023

Obstructing protests and freedom of speech…!!

Obstructing protests and freedom of speech…!!

The media and various so-called human rights groups in Kabul have always conducted bias propaganda against the Islamic Emirate. They claim that the Mujahideen are opposed to freedom of media and not cautious in the matter of civilian deaths. Yet when the quisling Kabul administration and its foreign backers contradict an outer facade of humanitarianism through their daily savagery, this very media and human rights groups fall silent, or present justifications.

Recently, in Kandahar, a 13-member family, including women and children, were bombarded and then the murderers made false claims of killing Taliban commanders. This is but one example. There are thousands of such similar incidents that have taken place prior to this across the country. The pro-West media and so-called human rights groups are silent observers before this inhumanity. They do not report these incidents but instead accuse the Mujahideen that they do not believe in the freedom of expression or in human rights.

The Kandahar incident was neither given attention to by the media and nor did the flag bearers of human rights bother to condemn it. The local people were forced to take the martyrs’ bodies and protest before the governor’s house in hope that the public and international community witnesses for themselves the brutality of the Kabul administration. When they reached the city proximity, however, they were stopped by the authorities, roads were blocked off and were not permitted to bring the victim bodies before the governor’s house. As is clear, the authorities sought to cover up the Kabul administration’s crimes yet again.

There is absolutely no benefit for the civilian population in complaining before the Kabul authorities. These are the same authorities who have been mercilessly slaughtering our poor nation for the past twenty years in an effort to safeguard Washington. Yet the media that misrepresents even the smallest of Mujahideen operations and human rights groups who speak obsessively about the Islamic Emirate’s lack of respect for human rights always fall silent upon such major atrocities committed by the quisling Kabul administration and must explain their contradictory positions to the people and world.

When innocent civilians are bombarded, the puppet authorities make humorous claims of having killed hundreds of Taliban members. However, when news and pictures of the martyrdom of women and children are published on social media, then the authorities immediately claim that this was a result of a Mujahideen attack. Then when the local people carry the bodies of their martyrs and protest in the city, the authorities prevent them from doing so. All of this is happening before the Kabul media and human rights groups. They, however, have chosen to turn the other cheek and adopt criminal silence. When they do publish such atrocities, they attempt to present justifications for them and claim that the Taliban intruded into civilian homes.

Can such a false claim justify the murder of common people? And can human rights groups and the so-called free media still claim freedom of expression and human rights after their criminal silence? Does it befit them to give lessons and attempt to impose their interpretation of human rights and freedom of expression on the Mujahideen when they cannot themselves adhere to their own interpretation of such things?

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