February 02, 2023

Objectives behind Peace Sit-ins

Objectives behind Peace Sit-ins

The two major propaganda media networks (Radio Liberty and BBC) working for the United States invasion and their controlled Kabul administration have reported that for the last few days, a number of civil society activists have erected protest tents in Helmand province and demanded Taliban make peace, otherwise they will not end their rally.

Does this mean that since 2011, the Humvees rolling on the grounds of Afghanistan and B52 air crafts roaming the air space of Afghanistan are owned by the Taliban? Are Taliban the ones who are bombing the people of Afghanistan every day, raiding their homes day and night, martyring them, imprisoning them, violating their honor and attacking them with Mother of the Bombs? Are Taliban the ones who have invaded a country and occupied it from Americans? Or are the Americans and their puppet guilty of such things???

The facts are as clear as daylight that Americans have used their power and terror against the people of Afghanistan for almost two decades but unfortunately to them, they have not managed to colonize the sacred land of Afghanistan or defeat its faithful Mujahid nation (Afghanistan) and have finally succumbed to extreme despair especially after the failure of the recent war strategy of Trump. They are now absolutely clear victims of bewilderment and that is the reason behind the launching of false peace dramas since the beginning of 2018 to somehow prevent the inevitable defeat and force Mujahedeen to surrender in the name of peace.

Therefore the semi-recognized group sometimes presents a variety of proposals in the garb of Peace. Other times they strive to find legitimacy against the Jihad by using the name of religious scholars and every now and then congregate sessions like Tashkent Conference for show in order to legitimize the American invasion under the name of peace.

In fact these entire schemes are conducted in direct guidance of occupiers and none of them have been planned for the welfare of Afghanistan.

If the peace sit-ins of Helmand are truly a nation’s voice, the Mujahedeen would definitely welcome it most cordially. However these rallies should be heading towards the air base of Shorab or Shandid or Kandahar or Bagram and demanding the withdrawal of foreign forces, stopping of bombings and interference in our internal matters, and ending forceful takeover of our land and airspace, which are our basic human rights.

They should tell the occupiers that you have not given us anything other than bombs, missiles, deaths, injuries, destruction and dishonor since last 17 years.Leave us alone, our nation does not want you, and with your withdrawal, the main cause of war and miseries will be come to an end.

The rally participants should be aware that the enemy must not use them for their evil goals. They should be aware of the root cause of problems arisen in Afghanistan? And what and who are the main obstacle to peace? If everyone understands this fact, they will surely understand the easiest path to bringing peace.

Do not let the enemy use the Helmand peace-loving protesters by portraying it as a national movement in order to cover their own failed military invasion.

There is no doubt that the Islamic Emirate is more interested in peace than anyone else, and considers it more necessary than anything else. It has given unprecedented sacrifices alongside its oppressed Muslim for this cause for over two decades. The Mujahedeen will surrender to every demand of their nation but will never be submit to the conspiracies of the enemy nor will they let the enemy achieve success through propaganda. And that surely is not difficult for Allah.

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