October 02, 2022

Numerous killed as enemy operation ends in rout 

Numerous killed as enemy operation ends in rout 

KUNDUZ, Oct. 14 – An unknown number of the joint enemy personnel part of the reinforcement called in from Kabul have been killed and wounded in Kunduz operation, according to Al-Emarah News reports.

Over the past 15 days, the enemy’s ground operations backed by the U.S invaders aerial support have been forced back with heavy losses in Imam Sahib district of northern province Kunduz, while a dozen of the enemy tanks and vehicles have been destroyed, Al-Emarah reporter says.

He adds at least 6 Mujahideen have embraced martyrdom with 11 more wounded in the 15-long operation.

The enemy’s claims that 138 Mujahideen have been martyred are false, while the enemy progress in is untrue in the Imam Sahib district.

Al-Emarah News separately said the enemy operation was forced with heavy losses in Kunduz city on Friday. An armored tank was also destroyed in the operation.

The area came under heavy airstrikes by the enemy causing the civilians heavy losses.

Al-Emarah News separately said, there were competitions between several different schools in Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province on Friday.

The aim of the completions was to help the students reach their potential and thrive on various kinds of challenges.

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