October 03, 2022

Numerous enemy soldiers suffer casualties in Wardak

Numerous enemy soldiers suffer casualties in Wardak

WARDAK, Apr. 24 – A puppet was killed and another one got hurt in a bomb attack taking place in Syed Abad district of Wardak province on early Sunday.

In another report, Mujahideen attacked the headquarters of the district of Chak in Wardak province, leaving an unknown number of the enemy soldiers dead and wounded with a tank destroyed, while a Mujahid fighter embraced martyrdom in the fighting.

Similarly, Mujahideen stormed a number of the enemy posts, zeroing on the enemy that led to severe fighting lasting hours. It is not clear how many enemy soldiers suffered casualties in the resulting fighting.

In another report, a puppet was shot and killed in a sniper attack in the provincial capital of Wardak province on Friday.

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