September 29, 2022

Notice by Commission for Military Affairs regarding non-participation of people in fake election process

Notice by Commission for Military Affairs regarding non-participation of people in fake election process

As our countrymen are already aware, an American process under the name of elections is once again scheduled to take place in Afghanistan on the 6th of Mezan 1398 Hijri Solar.

Following the launch of invasion of our homeland by America eighteen years earlier, this is the umpteenth time that this fraudulent process is undertaken to mislead the people, sow the seeds of discord, racism and division and secure interests of the invaders.

Afghans are witnesses that not a single time has this process been executed properly neither has it given any result nor has it cured any pain of our oppressed nation.

A regime that is formed through such a sham and foreign processes shall never be due to the ballots or will of the Afghans but be based on the decision of US embassy and the general aspiration of the invaders.

Therefore, the Commission for Military Affairs of the Islamic Emirate calls on all believing and freedom-loving Afghans to refrain from supporting the enemy in obtaining their objectives. Boycott the elections and also prevent your relatives from participating in this staged process.

The Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate – with the help of Allah and support of its nation – intend to disrupt this fake process of the American invaders and their few servile slaves by attacking all security personnel that guard this process and by targeting offices and centers that operate for this staged show.

All major and minor roads of the country will be closed by Mujahideen on election day. We ask fellow countrymen to refrain from venturing out of their homes on this day so that may Allah forbid, no one is harmed.

The Islamic Emirate directs its Mujahideen to prevent this process throughout the country by making use of everything at their disposal and activate their plans for its neutralization.

In order that no compatriot sees harm, the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate issues an ultimatum to all those individuals especially city dwellers that intend to participate in this process to stay away from polling stations on election day and not throw themselves into danger.

In case any problems or casualties arise, all responsibility shall befall the participants of this American process themselves.


Commission for Military Affairs of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

27/01/1441 Hijri Lunar

04/07/1398 Hijri Solar                   26/09/2019 Gregorian

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