September 29, 2022

Nicholson’s Election and the peculiar process of Registration

Nicholson’s Election and the peculiar process of Registration

Kabul Puppet administration has announced parliamentary and district council election process on 14th April, 2018 with nomination beganing with Ashraf Ghani. Meanwhile Ashraf Ghani, head of the Kabul administration’s Arg, also called on the Taliban to attend and participate in their election.

However the Taliban have responded to that saying: “The Islamic Emirate’s first priority is to save the country from the invaders, and like the other rights, retake the usurped right of elected and appointed political leadership back from the invaders”.

Apparently there is no legitimacy of conducting elections in the presence of thousands of foreign troops in the country. It is obvious to everyone that both important military and political decisions are made by the invaders and eventually, power will be handed over to those who have already been chosen by the White House and Pentagon.

In this way the Muslims and Mujahid nation – instead of participating in it –  need to boycott this counterfeit process conducted in the name of election and fulfil their religious and national obligations for the attainment of independence and national sovereignty.

Following Taliban’s statements of non-interested in parting of elections, media reported that the registration process for electoral purpose seems disrupted to the extent that senior officials are seriously concerned about.

This is because the number of people who are visiting electoral centers for registration purposes is minimum, while some centers have still not been visited by a single person.

The IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) officials have told media that only 12000 people have registered their names for registration purpose in past three days throughout Afghanistan. It is said that the registration process will continue for two months, and if the count remains steady, only 390000 people will be able to register their names in two months of registration.

However if the process is even accelerated by 100 percent, only a half million people will be participate in this process, which will represent an estimated 30 million population of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile military attacks by the Mujahideen throughout the country seem to have been so effective and tactical that the enemy moral has plunged to a new low. Today the senior commander of Kandahar’s Quick Reaction Force Unit (Janan) was killed in the center of Kandahar city at a time when the United States Chief General Nicholson, along with his internal puppets, were on a visit to Kandahar to encourage civilians to participate in the supposed election.

Nevertheless no one came to the registration center nor did anyone believe in his false lies. Instead at the heart of the city, the Quick Reaction Force commander was killed in the broad daylight. This is a message that every member of higher authorities including Trump, Nicholson and National Security have failed to preventing such incidents.

So all these evidences show that the ongoing fake election process will expose the enemy and they will be humiliated exactly the way they faced humiliation in similar false processes over the past.

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