December 03, 2022

New Gas Deposit Discovered in Badghis

New Gas Deposit Discovered in Badghis

BADGHIS, Oct. 28 – A new gas deposit has been discovered in the Qadis district of Badghis  province said officials of Mines and Petroleum department of the province.

According to report of Bakhter News Agency, the location where gas deposit has been discovered observed during an earthquake that caused parts of the mine to emerge from the ground.

This is the second gas mine discovered in Badghis during past few month.

The Ministry of Mines of Afghanistan has sent a technical research team to the area said Sayed Shamsuddin Nizami, the head of Badghis Mines.

The amount and quality of this mine have not been estimated so far, according to officials of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum.

According to global estimates, Afghanistan has sixteen trillion cubic feet of gas in its mines.

Economic experts call the exploitation of mines the only way to Afghanistan’s self-sufficiency, economic growth, and development.

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