December 07, 2022

Nawa district falls to Mujahideen

Nawa district falls to Mujahideen

HELMAND, Oct. 03 – At around 05:00 am this morning, the valiant Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate launched heavy attacks on Nawa district administration center and its defense check posts.

A heroic martyrdom seeker of Islamic Emirate – Arif – detonated in explosive packed APC (Hummer) inside the district center, leveling the buildings before the other Mujahideen completely took over the rest of buildings, the police HQ and all surrounding defensive positions by 08:00 am local time.

The enemy sustained heavy losses in the operation, officials say adding that Mujahideen are currently carrying out a clearing op and have seized a large quantity of weapons, ammunition and other equipment.

Complete details of the operation will be updated later.

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