February 07, 2023

Mujahideen attacks leaves 7 dead, 8 injured 

Mujahideen attacks leaves 7 dead, 8 injured 

NANGARHAR, Mar. 12 – An officer and his gunman were killed early Monday when a landmine blast ripped into the vehicle carrying the officer to a military unit in Jalalabad city, the capital of Nangarhar province.

In a similar attack, 1 puppet was killed with 2 more wounded when a roadside bomb blast occurred in Ghani Khel district of this province on Sunday.

Also Sunday, 2 puppets were killed and 3 more were injured in an exchange of fire with Mujahideen in Dor Baba district of this province, while a further 2 puppets were killed and 1 injured in a bomb blast targeting a vehicle of militia later on Sunday in the aforesaid district

The fighting raged yet again when the Arbakis were trying to shift the dead and wounded in which the Arbakis suffered further losses of life and injuries.

Early Monday, Mujahideen left 3 enemy soldiers injured after they targeted a checkpoint in Khaiwa district of this province.

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