February 05, 2023

Mujahideen attacks kill 3 puppets, leave 5 injured

Mujahideen attacks kill 3 puppets, leave 5 injured

 KUNAR, Aug. 10 – Two roadside bombings killed 2 puppets and left 4 more injured in Nari district of Kunar province on Thursday.

In another attack, an enemy soldier was killed and one wounded elsewhere in the same district later today.

In the province’s Surkani district, Mujahdieen attacked an enemy base on Wednesday but there is no information on the enemy casualty toll.

Separately, Mujahideen seized an enemy post last night in Ghaziabad district of Kunar province, causing the Arbakis deadly losses.

On Thursday, an Arbaki was wounded on attack on the post belonging to local militia in the said district.

Later, a checkpoint came under Mujahideen attack in Surkani district of this province but there is not any information to casualty toll.


District comes under attack, 1 killed KHOST, Aug. 10 – Mujahideen fighters shelled the center of the district of Alishir with heavy weapons last night causing the enemy heavy toll.


In another report, Mujahideen stormed an enemy post in Sabri district of Khost province, targeting a firefight that lasted less than an hour but it is not yet clear if anyone was killed or wounded.


In a report from the neighboring province of Paktia, a policeman was shot dead in a sniper attack in Zurmat district of this province on Wednesday.

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