February 03, 2023

Ministry of Finance strives to resume state-own companies

Ministry of Finance strives to resume state-own companies

KABUL, Jan. 07 – According to officials of the Ministry of Finance of the IEA they are trying to restart operations of state-owned companies to provide services to the people.

Ahmad Wali Haqmal, the spokesman for the ministry says according to the positive changes that have been made in the last eighteen months, in the near future dozens of state-owned companies will start the process of providing their services in different sectors.

Meanwhile, members of the private sector also say that resuming the activities of state-owned companies will lead to competition in the country’s domestic market.

“We consider the recent decision of the Ministry of Finance to be a good move because it will restore state-owned companies,” said Mirwais Hajizadeh, a member of private sector.

Economic experts meanwhile say the beginning of providing services of state-owned companies in the case of regular management, besides creating employment opportunities, also plays an important role in the country’s economic stability.

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