October 04, 2022

Memento: Mullah Mohammad Omar’s concern for dignity of Muslims

Memento: Mullah Mohammad Omar’s concern for dignity of Muslims

By: Azzam Muhajir


After a Dhuhr prayer, I was sitting with Ameer ul Momineen Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid’s brother, Mullah Abdul Manan Omari, and we were taking tea. Since I was a child during the Islamic Emirate and do not remember that time properly, Omari Sahib narrated some mementos of the Emirate and good attributes of Mullah Sahib, among which was that Mullah Sahib was exceedingly caution about protecting dignity of Muslims and would recommend to others that if you care about other Muslims’ dignity and honor, Allah the Almighty will never disgrace you.

Omari Sahib recalled that during the Islamic Emirate, Mullah Sahib’s friends constructed a house for him which was large and well-fortified. Some watchmen would sit at the main gate for security. Omari Sahib mentioned a name, which I do not remember, that he asked Mullah Sahib that he had a nephew, very poor. It will be his kindness if his excellency allows him to join the watch. Mullah Sahib agreed.

A mosque was also built in the house so Mullah Sahib and colleagues residing here could offer their prayers with the congregation. Sometimes, Mullah Sahib would sit with his colleagues in a garden near the mosque after Asr prayer and have a conversation with them in which his friends and other personnel in the fort would take part unrestrictedly. Based on his humorist nature, the deceased Mullah Sahib would sometimes make a joke. The nephew watchman, immature compared to others, would also sit in a corner of the gathering and then tell other people that Mullah Sahib made so and so jokes today.

When Mullah Sahib knew about it, he told his uncle that he narrates some speeches outside of the gathering, and we sometimes talk about secrets that have to be confidential. Therefore, it is better to tell him to look for an alternative work somewhere else. Mullah Sahib told the men after Isha’s prayer and went home. The uncle says I forgot to tell my nephew that night. In the morning, we were coming to the mosque, and I saw Mullah Sahib standing at the door of the mosque before prayer, waiting for something. As I got closer to him, he stepped forward and asked me in a concerning manner :did you tell your nephew what I told you last night?”.

“No,” I replied.

Mullah Sahib’s face glittered out of happiness and said: you have done well by not telling him. Yesterday, I forgot to remind you not to tell your nephew in front of other friends because it will damage his reputation and dignity, and people outside will say that Mullah Sahib has chased him out of his house, and thus will not hire him for their works. Grab him aside and tell him covertly so his reputation not be harmed.

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