October 03, 2022

Meeting on education held in Paktika 

Meeting on education held in Paktika 

PAKTIKA, Aug. 8 – The meeting initiated by local education officials in Mata Khan District of Paktika province was participated in by Ulama (religious scholars), tribal elders, and the general public in addition to the civil executives of the Islamic Emirate.

A 21-point code of conduct for the curriculum of Madrasas (institutes of the Islamic education) by Ulama and the Education Commission was seen as a creative and effective step and it was considered significant for better discipline and which was promised to be implemented.

The tribal elders pledged their support and cooperation, deeming it their religious and Islamic duty to support and defend the Madrassas.

Towards the end of the meeting, 1400 Afghani was raised for a large Madrasa in the area, having been closed for a while due to economic problems.

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