February 02, 2023

Meeting of economic commission held under chairmanship of Deputy PM

Meeting of economic commission held under chairmanship of Deputy PM

KABUL, Dec. 19 – Under the chairmanship of the economic deputy Prime Minister of the IEA, Alhaj Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, meeting of the Economic Commission held at the Marmarins Palace today.

A number of topics were discussed according to the agenda of the meeting

The commission decided to completed rest of the canal works related to Kamal Khan Dam according to the contract made by the National Development Company and than a decision will be made about the land distribution.

Additionally, it was decided that the Ministry of Information and Culture should draft an official statement on behalf of the IEA, explain to the public via national and local radios that the persistent rumors regarding the distribution of land related to the Qosh Tepa Canal and other canals are untrue,and inform the public that no one has the right to deal with, or collect money and documents from people in this name. The government will take harsh legal action against anyone who solicits money or documents from anyone in connection with the land. After that, it was decided that the Ministry of Water and Energy should collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to identify the country’s storage dams that require immediate repair and then present the issue of repairing the dams through the national budget to the Economic Commission in order to prevent their collapse.

In the other part of the meeting, discussions were held on how to give corporate guarantees back. The procedure devised cooperatively by the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Office, the Ministry of Finance, the Da Afghanistan Bank, related ministries, institutions and the private sector according to the decision of the Economic Commission on April 24, 2022, was approved by the Economic Commission. And after the approval of the cabinet, the Ministry of Finance and Da Afghanistan Bank, in cooperation with other organs, shall implement the provisions in accordance with the procedure.

Similar to this, the Zamin Dawar Irrigation Project was discussed, and it was decided that the National Development Corporation(NDC) and the National Environmental Protection Agency, in coordination with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, and under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, should re-investigate the project and look over the studies that conducted, especially the ones that looked at the feasibility and cost of the project. At the end of the meeting, another topic discussed was related to the traffic. The discussion included the cars that are low-model, undocumented or have done traffic accidents.


Car lower than 2010 model and those having done traffic accidents were seized by the previous administration. Furthermore, the five-year document validity of right-handed cars given by the previous administration has expired. According to the decision of the cabinet,

in order to address the aforementioned issues, the plan prepared by the Transport Affairs Commission will be implemented and the designated delegation will oversee the progress.

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