September 30, 2022

Meeting called to introduce reforms in Jahidic ranks  

Meeting called to introduce reforms in Jahidic ranks  

BADAKHSHAN, Nov. 1 – A meeting hosted by respected Maulan Fasihuddin, the Islamic Emirate provincial governor of Badakhshan took place in Wardaj district of the province on Monday, Al-Emarah News said.

The aim of the meeting was to introduce major reforms in the Jihadi ranks and help change the mindset of the Mujahideen.

The meeting was attended by a great number of civilians, the Islamic Emirate’s officials and military personnel.

The meeting initiated by the a few verses from the Holy Quran followed by the comprehensive talks by Mualan Fasihuddin chairing the meeting and a number of the participants.

He threw light on the brutal and inhumane treatments of invaders and their puppets towards the civilians and atrocities and oppression inflicted on the civilians at the hands of the stooge regime and the occupation forces.

He called deviation of young generation from right path and leading them astray, promoting the vulgarity and obscenity, inciting racial hatred and prejudice ominous and evil objectives of the foreign occupation forces.

He added that democracy and secularism has not only given rise to the desecration and blasphemy of the Islamic values and sanctities and disrespect of Ulama (scholars) but also are the key causes.

He stressed the importance of unity, purity, integrity and encouraged Mujahideen to ensure good behaviour and sympathetic treatments toward civilians and give priority to cutting off every kind of times with stooge regime.

Furthermore, he insisted that Mujahideen in addition to fortification of their fronts, they should pay special attention to further and improve their Islamic and religious education.

Towards the end of the program, a number of the officials and military members of the Islamic Emirate gave talks and provided enlightenment about different topics.

The meeting concluded with dua in the late afternoon hours of the day.

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