February 05, 2023

Meeting called for in Kabul province  

Meeting called for in Kabul province  

KABUL, Aug. 15 – The Islamic Emirate convened a meeting in Kabul province to find way to improve security situation across the country, Al-Emarah News said on Tuesday.

The meeting attended by the teachers and students as well as Ulama and a large number of the people and regional Mujahideen in addition to the members of Dawat-ul-Irshad commission, the Islamic Emirate’s provincial council members, Deputy Director of the Islamic Emirate for this district took place in Sarobi district of Kabul province on Monday.

During the meeting, the members of officials of the Islamic Emirate told the locals prepare mentally and enlighten their friends, acquaintance and siblings not to have any contact with the stooge administration, while helping Mujahideen secure the areas and maintain security and peace in the region.

Meantime, the tribesmen form 10 villages pledged their full support to the Islamic Emirate.

The meeting concluded with Dua in the late afternoon hours of the day.

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