January 28, 2023

Mawlana Yaqoob Charkhi nursery school inaugurated in Logar

Mawlana Yaqoob Charkhi nursery school inaugurated in Logar

LOGAR, Dec. 12 –  Mawlawna Yaqoob Charkhi’s nursery school has been completed and handed over by Department of Labor and Social Affairs in Logar province, said officials.

Mawlawi John Muhammad Talha, head of labor and social affairs, said in his speech of inauguration ceremony this training school has a teaching building and a dormitory building, which is built on a 5-acre land with two floors and cost about 900000 US dollars.


He added that all the equipment and accessories for the school worth about 100000 US dollars have been purchased by an ‘Australian Muslim Cooperation Association’ charity foundation, which will provide three hundred orphans modern and religious education.

Haji Mohammad Ayub Ahmadzai, a member of the Charity Foundation, provided comprehensive information about the cost and quality of the equipment of the training school and expressed his assurance that he will support the training school financially for the next 6 years and will bear all the expences.

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