September 26, 2022

Martyr attacks hit combat military unit in north

Martyr attacks hit combat military unit in north

 BALKH, Aug. 25 – Early this morning  a fearless Mujahid of the martyr squad of the Islamic Emirate, Sadiqullah, carried out a martyr attack using a vehicle filled with the explosives inside the base of regime intelligence commandos – the 06 Unit – in Khas Balkh district of northern Balkh province.

Initial information suggests about 60 commandos were killed and tens of them were left injured.

Numerous military vehicles, equipment along with a large amount of heavy and light arms were eliminated and the military base heavily damaged.

The unit was deployed to carry out operations against Mujahidin in Balkh and surrounding provinces but was targeted before it had the opportunity to do so.

The intelligence agency aimed at regenerating the ISIS phenomenon in the north and relocating them to some sensitive areas.

Reportedly, some important ISIS figures were also killed in today’s successful operation.

Today’s operation was in retaliation for horrific atrocities by the enemy in which they mutilated the bodies of martyrs of the Islamic Emirate in Balkh and Zabul in addition to bombings, attacks and raids on the defenseless civilians.

The Islamic Emirate will, therefore, strongly defend its people and Mujahideen  making the savage enemy suffer dire consequences for their heinous acts of atrocity and cruelty.

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