October 04, 2022

Martyr attack hits enemy units in Logar; over 30 killed

Martyr attack hits enemy units in Logar; over 30 killed

LOGAR, May 30 – Early Wednesday a martyr attack, latest in the series of Operation Al-Khandaq hit the police headquarters and unit of the rapid reaction forces in the provincial capital of Logar province, leaving over 30 enemy troops dead and dozens more wounded.

First, Amrullah Paktikawal, a Mujahid of the martyr unit of the Islamic Emirate slammed his explosive-filled vehicle   into the building of the police headquarters destroying large part of the police station and the facility of rapid reaction force in Pol-e-Alam city, the capital of Logar province.

Then, two martyr attackers, Haqmal hailing from Kapisa province and Noorullah from Kandahar province forced their way into the police station and began engaging the enemy.

Over 30 officers, policemen in both police station and the unit of the rapid reaction forces were killed and many more were wounded in today’s martyr attack. Amir Khan Agha the head of the police station was among those killed in the operation.

The operation ended at 8:00 Am local time with the martyrdom of the two Mujahideen who fought the enemy for almost three hours.

The operation was planned to take place in the early morning hours of the day so that it would inflict no civilian casualties.

Almost simultaneously, Mujahideen targeted with missiles a base shared by the U.S and their puppets elsewhere in Pol-e-Alam city, the capital of the province, causing both the U.S invaders and puppets heavy toll.

Today’s operation was in retaliation to the enemy nighttime raids and airstrikes in which tens of the innocent countrymen including children and women are martyred on the daily basis.

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