September 25, 2022

Many killed, 3 post overrun in Kunduz

Many killed, 3 post overrun in Kunduz

KUNDUZ, Aug. 21 – At least 10 puppets were killed and many others were wounded after Mujahideen seized 3 enemy posts during a 24-long operation in Ali Abad district of Kunduz province, ending on Sunday, where Mujahideen seized form the enemy 1 PK ( a heavy antitank machine gun, 1 rocket, 1 Kalashnikovs and a great deal of ammo.

Mujahideen are in control of the Kabul-Kunduz highway, while 3 of the enemy posts are currently under Mujahideen siege.

In another report from Kunduz province, at least 3 puppets were and 4 others wounded when the enemy attempted to break Mujahideen siege of a large military base housing 180 puppet soldiers and officers in Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province.

The said base has been under Mujahideen siege over the last 15 days.

Likewise, fighting is said to be raging in Khanabad district of Kunduz province and a large number of the enemy soldiers have been killed and wounded so far.

At the same time, Kunduz-Takhar highway is in the hands of Mujahideen at the moment.

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