November 28, 2022

Many killed, 3 armored tanks destroyed as Kunduz operation in progress

Many killed, 3 armored tanks destroyed as Kunduz operation in progress

 KUNDUZ, Oct. 10 – Al-Emarah News said Sunday the Islamic Emirate’s combatants continue to target the enemy in several different parts of Kunduz city amid “Operation Omarari” as fighting in Kunduz is in its peak.  

The enemy has suffered deadliest losses and heaviest damagesover the last six days as Kunduz operation continued into day 7. 

Al-Emarah News said fighting raged late yesterday  when the puppets backed by the US invaders attempted offensives to break through Mujahideen defenses in Kunduz city. 

The enemy offensives were pushed back, leaving an armored tank belonging to the US invaders destroyed, while a tank carrying the local troops was also shot and destroyed later. 

A number of the combined US invaders and their puppets suffered casualties in the fighting. 

Early Sunday morning, fierce fighting erupted in Kunduz city when the enemy tried to carry out fresh offensives which were repelled by Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate.  Three puppet commandos were killed and many others were wounded in subsequent fighting, while two Mujahideen fighters also suffered injuries in Sunday’s fighting.  

Fighting heightened yet again late Sunday when Mujahideen extended their offensives in the direction of Khanabad Port and Kabul Port in Kunduz city, leading to the deaths of number of the joint enemy troops. An armored tank is said to have been shot and destroyed in the fighting.  

Likewise, Mujahideen caused the enemy heavy losses in Khanabad square following the operations in Bandar-e-Kabul and Bandar-e-Khanabad.  

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