September 29, 2022

Logar Governor meets tribal elders in Logar

Logar Governor meets tribal elders in Logar

LOGAR, Sep. 1 – The renowned tribal elders of Baraki Barak district of Logar province and Shia leaders of Khoshi district came to meet and welcome Governor Ahmad Ali Jan Ahmad in the governor’s office

The tribal elders accompanied by a delegation congratulated the Islamic Emirate on the grand victory to mark the end of the 20-year occupation and declared their full support to the Islamic Emirate.

The aforesaid elders and senior asked the governor to reclaim the private and public lands usurped by the former authority of Kabul regime and return to the rightful owners.

Towards the ending the meeting, the Governor thanked the guests, going to say, “We are here for justice and we promise that no one will be victim of injustices and all will be treated fairly.

He further said, “Our aim is not govern the country but to ensure the security and service. Trying to free all the usurped lands from the clutches of usurpers

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