September 27, 2022

Kunduz operations: 40 killed as 4 posts dismantled 

Kunduz operations: 40 killed as 4 posts dismantled 

KUNDUZ, Jan. 23 – The Islamic Emirate’s combatants carried out operations on the enemy posts in Dasht-e-Archi district of Kunduz province, overrunning 3 combat posts in which over 21 enemy’s joint personnel were killed and 6 more were wounded.

Mujahideen captured from the enemy’s possession 2 heavy machine guns, 1 Kalashnikov machine gun, 2 M16 rifles, 1 RPG rockets, 1 hand grenade and ammo.

In reports from Gul Tipa district of Kunduz province, some 18 enemy soldiers suffered casualties when Mujahideen fighters overran an enemy post in the mentioned province, while a tank was destroyed in the operation.

Similarly, Mujahideen seized from the enemy some arms and ammo.

Separately an enemy soldier was killed and another one was wounded in an attack on a post elsewhere in the said district.



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