October 05, 2022

Khost: enemy continues to suffer heavy toll

Khost: enemy continues to suffer heavy toll

KHOST, Apr. 29 –  On the first day of the “Operation Mansoori”  as the launch of the spring offensive was declared, the fighters of the Islamic Emirate carried out attacks on the center of the district of Musa Khail and almost all of its check posts in the southeastern province of Khost on Monday, triggering deadliest fighting that caused the enemy heavy toll.

In the early morning hours of Friday, a major army base and a check post came under Mujahideen attacks in the province’s Do Mando district.

In the province’s Qalandar district, a check post was overrun on Friday morning.

In Sabri district of this province, Mujahideen fighters pounded the enemy combat post with heavy arms fire. No losses of life and injuries have been reported.

Similarly, a check post was eliminated in Bak district of the province on Friday morning.

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