October 04, 2022

Keep your intentions concealed

Keep your intentions concealed

It is natural for a person that when he hears the virtues of a good deed and its benefits or the evil of a bad deed at a time when that person may have committed that bad deed or he may have failed in doing the good deed, that person Immediately expresses his desire to perform good deeds and the desire arises in ones heart or the determination of not doing the bad or evil deed develops in the mind of that person.

In such a situation as described above, it is important and beneficial for a person to remember one important point.

When confronted with such a scenario and situation, people decide whether to act or not and a lot of people at the same time show their will so strongly that they openly exclaim that they will definitely do the good deed or that they refrain from the bad deed at all times.

I think that this shall not happen. The reason is because man is weak and is often overwhelmed by desires of the inner self and as I said in the previous article which I wrote that the hands of sincerity of a person are sometimes tied back by the chains of his laziness.

It is natural that very few people have the capacity and determination to do what they say, to put their intentions into action. Very often people express themselves and say what they want to do, but many times they cannot do what they wish or think.

Laziness restrains the feet of intentions and its ghosts engulfs such a person.

I believe that this shouldn’t be the case that people show their intentions openly to everyone. A man should be determined in his heart to do what he wants, but he should not inform others because if he does not fulfill his word in future, which he hasn’t revealed to other people, he will not lose his respect in the eyes of other people, and there will be no regrets or embarrassment for him.

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