December 06, 2022

Kabul seeking excuses for continuation of war

Kabul seeking excuses for continuation of war

When the horrific attacks took place in Nangarhar and Kabul the past week, our compatriots and the entire world saw who the perpetrators of these crimes were?  Who accepted responsibility and how the Kabul administration responded by exonerating the culprits and declaring war against the Islamic Emirate without any justification in an effort to derail the peace process?

The Afghan people and the entire world are witnesses to what happened. They saw how the Kabul administration is seeking excuses for the continuation of war and trying to obstruct and delay the peace process on absurd and illogical premises.

The Afghan nation must record everything to memory so that the blameworthy and innocent are known in the future. Both the nation and history must recall that the crimes perpetrated in Nangarhar and Kabul carried out by the supposed Daesh with deep links to the Kabul administration intelligence were pinned on the Islamic Emirate without any proof or verification and the officials of Arg officially declared a renewal of hostilities.

Arg officials that have repeatedly hampered and delayed the peace process implementation phase by obstructing and procrastinating on the prisoner exchange process and not having a distinct plan or delegation for peace. Sometimes they create impediments with declaration of red lines and at other times with a host of other excuses. However, when they do manage find an excuse for continuation of war, all phases of military decision-making are made within hours and war declared under illogical pretenses.

Haste in declaring war and dragging feet in peace vividly display that the stooges addicted to Afghan killing, bombing, torturing and looting national resources see their existence in conflict. They seek to prolong these conditions so that their foreign masters can give them money, weapons and military hardware and they can continue experimenting upon our defenseless people, reach ranks of generals and marshals, stuff their coffers and revel in the wages of servitude.

If they are of the belief that they can somehow guarantee their existence and victory in war then they must understand they no foreign stooge has never had any chance of survival in this land hence they would be better off with accepting the demands of peace of this Muslim nation and refrain from insisting upon war.

The Islamic Emirate which has always supported a peaceful resolution and along the way, has taken accountable steps in negotiating with America – conveys a message to the Kabul administration about implementing the determined approach instead of war. But if they do insist upon war then the Islamic Emirate also has complete proficiency in the military field and with the help of Allah, shall give exemplary lessons to the enemy at every juncture.

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