February 06, 2023

Kabul Is Not Safe !

Kabul Is Not Safe !

by Muhammad Jalal

Kabul, the capital of our beloved homeland, and its largest and most diverse city is home to more than 4 million Afghans from all corners of Afghanistan. Kabul is in many ways the economic and cultural center of Afghanistan, with rapid urbanization and new wave of industrialization making it the 75th largest city in the world. Kabul is the narrow valley up high in the mountains of Hindu Kush, serving as the the heart beat of Afghanistan, but afflicted by misfortune ever since the American invasion.

Kabul was famous for its bazaars, gardens and palaces, but now it has become a center of crime, corruption and lawlessness. After the American invasion of Afghanistan, a lot of changes happened in Kabul including the cosmetic changes made by the stooge regime and their invading masters to portray Kabul as the embodiment of their so called achievements, however the ground realties are vastly different than what was shown to the outside world.

Kabul has become a jungle for its citizens, with lawlessness, corruption and intimidation pervading throughout. No one is safe in Kabul, with local warlords running gangs involved in kidnappings, intimidation of citizens, racketeering, and organized crime.

The dual nationality holding elites and merciless looters and stooges of the invaders living in the Arg bubble are the ones behind the troubles of Kabul and all of its citizens. Those sitting behind high concrete blast walls in Kabul, boast about protecting other countries from unidentifiable, imaginary threats, yet they have made the lives of Kabulites miserable.

School children, young adults, shop owners and businessmen live in constant fear of kidnappings for ransom and extortion by warlords. The so called police, responsible for security, are the ones involved hand in hand with organized criminals looting the population. The helpless citizens of Kabul are at the mercy of these wolves. Honor and sanctities of our chaste women are in danger, immortality has peaked, the city belongs to thieves and thugs upon sun set, extreme poverty had compelled young men to turn to drugs, which in turn are supplied to the city in the tinted vehicles of the so called lawmakers or parliamentarians, a fact not hidden from anyone residing in the city. The regime relies on these criminals and that is why it is protecting them. The vulnerable citizens of Kabul have no faith and trust in the current system.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has always ensured all the citizens of Afghanistan including Kabul that protecting them is the first and foremost duty of every soldier of the Islamic Emirate. For the very same reason, task forces have now been deployed to protect the different districts of Kabul where the Islamic Emirate has presence and recent television reports through some private media houses is cementing this fact. The crime rate has been significantly reduced by the Mujahideen under the areas of their control and influence. People in large numbers, publicly and through social media, have urged Mujahideen to provide protection. It is now clear and evident that the common population of Afghanistan is tired of this criminal regime that is behind every misery in Afghanistan.

The only solution to the problems and worries of the common citizens of not only Kabul but entire Afghanistan is the implementation of Shariah law where justice can be delivered. The evil white-collar suite-and-tie wearing criminals of the corrupt and criminal regime in Kabul are nothing but blood sucking leaches for Afghans who only care about their vested interests and are the sole reason behind all sorrows and miseries of the people of Afghanistan.

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